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Real Estate has become a passion and a true calling for me. 

Honestly...It is not an easy process, with lots of ups and downs all along the way. 

That's why you need a professional to help and why it would be an honor to represent you and your family.


Please contact me.  Lets explore the process and options you have to choose from.

Thank you,

Theresa Downham


The purpose of this website is not to focus on me... Its purpose is to help you with your real estate needs. ...

However, first you have to choose an Agent... and since I'm an agent, and since you have lots of excellent Real Estate agents to choose from, I thought it wouldn't hurt to give you a few details about my history and experience. 

I've lived and worked all over this big wonderful country of ours…


In the East I grew up in the Finger Lakes area of upstate New York.  Went to college in NYC and worked as a graphic designer. My marketing skills are a huge benefit when it comes to Real Estate and getting your home sold.  I like thinking outside the box and pull from my marketing background all the time.  Its fun, and I pride myself on the presentation and strategy of the sale.


Out West I lived in San Francisco, LA and finally in San Diego where I met and married my husband Tom.  We've been married for 31 years.   I take commitments and promises very seriously and work very hard at being consistent and steady and dependable.  This life long lesson naturally gets passed on to my business relationships.


My Real Estate career began up North, in Hayward, Wisconsin.  Tom and I owned a Century 21 Real Estate brokerage for 10 years, as well as, a property management company; a log home company; and briefly, a retail store. Tom was already light years ahead of me, however, this is where I learned about business & management and the determination and  downright grit it takes to stand for honesty, integrity, quality and what you believe in.  Against all the odds, we built an amazing team of professionals and excelled in all four of our businesses until we sold them all in 2004.  Today, my clients benefit from the lessons I learned there... lessons I am very grateful for.


Down South... we landed in sunny Sarasota, Florida... again working as Realtors and Home Stagers and loving every second.  The weather was wonderful and the people were sooo friendly.  However, .after 3 years we were both homesick to be back in upstate New York and the 4 seasons.

Tom and I have setteled in the Rochester, New York area which is close to my home turf of Canandaigua, New York. 


For the first five years we were back,  I had a move management / organizing  downsizing business that was fun and fulfilling and evolved me back into Real Estate. I feel very fortunate and excited  to bring all I've learned, for the past 20+ years in the real estate world to the area I love most and am committed.  


I've created a niche for myself by learning all sorts of different skills to help my Clients make the transition from current home to new home. I can proudly say I am able to help with EVERY phase and step of selling, buying and moving. I know of no other Real Estate agent in this area that is prepared and WILLING to organize, downsize (find $$$ in your stuff), stage your home... sell your home...find you a new home, get you packed, moved, unpacked and set-up again.

Hello, and thank you for visiting my website.

We've come full circle... There's no place like home!!!

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